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Phew what a week! Tuesday saw my last day at work which also meant a crazy few days beforehand doing handover to the team. It still hasn’t really sunk in that I’m on maternity leave. I know that I’m meant to be putting my feet up, but so far I seem to have been on a cleaning mission…

Anyway, I hope that you’re all well. Without further ado, here is my gratitude list for this week….

1.  Our last Hypnobirthing Session. I can honestly say that these classes have been invaluable. Having since gone to NCT, it’s become clear how much my mindset has changed towards labour and I’m actually excited for the big day! I’d recommend it to anyone.

2. Starting maternity leave. I know that I’ve not been great at resting up so far, however it has been nice to spend some time with Dickie when he’s been around. Working 9-5 when your husband is a pilot with hours all over the shop made that pretty much impossible before. We celebrated by attending a preview of Bremont’s next season collection before a delicious meal at Viet Food. Yay for date night.
3. Baby turning. I’m pretty sure at long last she’s turned. My bump appears much bigger and higher and the kicks are now towards my belly button rather than my lady parts which is always appreciated.

4. Some exciting blog opportunities. It’s nice to have been approached about some awesome opportunities rather than the shoe always being on the other foot. More to come on that later.

5. Some nice surprises in the post. The loveliness of people is never lost of me and that was no different this week when I received a few pressies and cards from friends and family thinking of me. Really put a smile on my face.

The longest month ever is drawing to a close as we are due for our next growth scan on Wednesday, I’ve never been more anxious about anything. I can’t wait to see how she’s getting on.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend planned. Thanks as always for being awesome and for taking the time to read!

Much love, M xox

Melanie Kentish

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