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End of week gratitude…

18/03/2016 4 Comments

Apologies for the radio silence! It’s been a somewhat stressful week!

We had Monday off as holiday with an appointment with the Midwife & a private scan booked. We couldn’t wait, we were so excited. Then we discovered that our little girl is super small and it sent us into a bit of a spin. The rest of the week was spent in scans and consultant’s appointments with a whole lot of worry (I thought that was meant to begin after they were born!).

I’m being closely monitored and have been put on restricted activity with an increased calorie diet (my idea of hell, Dickie’s idea of heaven!). However, at this point, I’d do anything to give her the best chance possible. They hope she’ll continue to grow & might just be a smaller baby.

Looking back, last week’s post just seems so self-indulgent and irrelevant. I couldn’t care less about the size of my bump now. I just want to make sure that I’m not failing her, which I can’t help but feel that I’ve been doing in some way.

With everything now put into context, I guess gratitude has never been more important and so here are the things that I’m grateful for this week:

  1. The Cotswolds. We headed to Broadway in the Cotswolds on Sunday to use a gift that my parents had bought for us as a wedding gift. The weather was totally beautiful and we managed to take in lots of sunshine as we explored the surrounding villages. It was so lovely.
  2. Our scan. Whilst it was a lot more stressful than we’d originally planned, it was still lovely to see her moving around. She might be small, but she’s certainly mighty. She seems to have taken to kicking the sonographer whenever they apply the probe to my tummy, much to our amusement!
  3. Working from home. Being put on restricted activity & reducing stress levels has meant that I’ve had to limit work much sooner than I’d anticipated. Thankfully the guys at KIDLY have been super understanding and I’m able to work from home for a few weeks, so that’s been one less thing to worry about.
  4. Hypnobirthing breathing. My calm breathing was certainly put to the test this week, but I’ve really enjoyed practising. I’ve started listening to a relaxation hypnotherapy MP3 to help me go to sleep each night and it actually works. Blissful.
  5. The NHS. I’m so grateful to all of the nurses & consultants that have taken such good care of us this week. We take for granted the amazing health system that we are provided with in this country & it’s one of the things I think makes Britain great.

Dickie as always has been totally amazing throughout the whole week – a complete rock & always upbeat. I really am blessed with having such a supportive husband. This weekend, I’ll be taking the advice & putting my feet up, so if you have any suggestions for films, I’m all ears!

I hope that you have a lovely one, whatever you’re up to!

Big love.

M xox

Melanie Kentish

Hi! My name's Mel and I'm a 30 something blogger living in Windsor, UK with my two ginger cats and a rather handsome husband. White Cotton Peonies is the place where you'll find my ramblings on health, fashion, beauty, food and my random adventures as a soon-to-be mum. Enjoy.


  1. JJ


    Darling, I know how you’re feeling. It’s terrifying. I was in and out of hospital from 24 weeks as I had contractions from that point and I thought my body wasn’t strong enough to look after him. But I was wrong. I did what the Drs told me and he turned out to be the strongest kid I’ve ever met. I know upping the calories will be a hard hurdle mentally, but it’s so worth it. Sending love xx

    • Melanie Kentish


      Thanks beauty. Your little dude takes after his mum, strong beyond anything you could imagine! Sending love right back atcha xx

  2. Claire at Tin Box Traveller


    Sending much love to you, you other half and your small yet mightly little lady! Breathing got me through my second pregnancy – keep it up as well as your feet! Xx

    • Melanie Kentish


      Thanks angel! Who’d have thought breath could make such a difference? 😉 xx

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