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End of week gratitude…

04/03/2016 Comments Off on End of week gratitude…

What a difference a week makes. Moving on from the stress of the week before, we’ve had a non-eventful but lovely week. Here’s what I’m grateful for this week…

  1. Registering with estate agents. We’ve realised for some time now that we need somewhere bigger to live when the little lady appears. As my bump’s been slow in appearing, I think it’s only now sunk in with Dickie that this is happening and so last Saturday we registered with a load of estate agents. I don’t expect to be moved in before she’s here, but it’s nice to know that we’re planning to make roots somewhere.
  2. Cinema date. I took a break from hibernating to drag Dickie to the cinema last weekend. We went to see Dirty Grandpa, it didn’t disappoint. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie that made me laugh out loud… a nice easy watcher. I’m starting to realise there isn’t long left that we can do what we like on a whim and so I’m trying to make the most of it.
  3. Jamie’s Trattoria with Fran. No matter what goes on, catching up with this little one is guaranteed to end in stitches with laughter. This week was no different.
  4. Nursery furniture. We’ve been so up in the air about what’s happening with the house that we’ve been putting off any thoughts about the nursery. However, I bit the bullet and ordered some furniture (I figured we’ll need it wherever we are, we just won’t decorate). When it all arrived, it felt very real.
  5. The most uncomfortable night’s sleep. I know, I know, this is a bit of a strange one. 3 days per week, I’m in the office miles from where I live and so I’m up at 5am. Therefore the night before sees me attempting an early night. This week was no different until baby decided to completely twist herself upside down. I’ve never been more uncomfortable or freaked out… and yet it was amazing. I couldn’t sleep for hours which left me exhausted the next day, but I also couldn’t stop staring at my tummy in wonder. I’ve spent so long convinced something would go wrong, the reality of seeing a bum or an elbow sticking out is incredible. I’m already so in love.

I’v just realised that I’ve become one of those girls who talks about nothing apart from being pregnant. Sorry! It’s just one of those weeks where everything is really sinking in. Normal service will resume…

M xox

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