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Discovering my inner wanderlust…

07/02/2016 Comments Off on Discovering my inner wanderlust…

I always thought that there was a specific breed of human destined to travel. Growing up, I’d assumed they were freedom-loving, yoga-going hippies with slightly unwashed hair & dip dye clothes which were always just that little bit too big for them. When I finished college, it was just myself & mum at home and so taking a gap year never crossed my mind, I wanted to go out in the big bad world to help support us…and that was that. It was just never a thing for me.

I loved my holidays, don’t get me wrong! If there was a beach destination where I could throw myself on a sun lounger and rotate at regular intervals, I was there. Then I met Dickie & everything changed.

During our first date, after one or three bottles of champagne, we got to talking about travel. Dickie told me that his family take annual vacations where they go different adventures together. They’d been all over doing all kinds of cool things, like learning tango in Argentina, wine tasting in Cali… It sounded amazing. Without hesitation, he asked me to go on their next trip with them…to Nepal, trekking.

My little world came thudding to a halt. The man of my dreams (I knew immediately) was asking me to go on a family holiday with him… in 6 months. I couldn’t sign up quickly enough. I went on to pretend to be easy breezy… I made out I was a complete adventure bunny, at that point, I’d have been anything he wanted me to be.

It turned out that due to family circumstances, the trip didn’t end up happening for 18 months. In that time, we took plenty of beach trips…but by the time the Nepal trip came around, we were out of the honeymoon period & Dickie knew me inside out. He knew that I never went anywhere without my Louboutins… even to the Post Office. Trekking was definitely taking me out of my comfort zone.

As the trip neared, I became nervous, asking more questions. Dickie assured me that it was a gentle walk around the base of a mountain each day followed by some sunbathing. We’d be staying in luxury teahouses along the way, which he inferred were like little boutique hotels, it was going to be a breeze.


I need to write a post about the trip. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Having trekked 100k, climbed 10,000 feet and had more nights than I can remember without power or toilet facilities, it’s fair to say that Dickie had definitely mis-sold the trip.

However, I came off of the back of that trip with my eyes wide open. I’d been privileged enough to experience the culture of the local people there first-hand; to take in a different type of beauty than that which can be experienced on a beach (many of which the location could be switched & quite frankly you wouldn’t know as they’re so similar); to realise that I’m made of tougher stuff than I’d thought and a hunger to discover more of the world.


Now, rather than feeling over-whelmed at the prospect of leaving my heels & heading on a plane, I feel over-whelmed at how many places there are in the world that I need to see & how little time there is to do everything.

I’m gutted to be missing this year’s family trip as it’s just before I’m due and is horse-riding & wine tasting in South America… but one thing’s for sure, having a little one isn’t going stop us from travelling. What better education could there be?


What’s your favourite destination? Where’s next on your bucket list?

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