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I can’t believe that we’re already in Mid-November! My mum used to tell me that time passed quicker with age and I remember smugly thinking “no, that’s because you’re old”. Now I’m saying the same thing and, yes, thinking I’m old.

Dickie’s family have a really good tradition of sending around lists of things that we’d like to ensure that you always end up with something that you like (although you won’t know what) and you aren’t forced to pull that “it’s really nice” face. However, every single year this forces me to think about what it is that I actually want.

For some reason, this year, my list is quite full. I blame paying for a wedding and/or just being greedy. Take a look at what’s on my list…


  1. Tatler Subscription, £28 (BARGAIN!)
  2. White Company Pearl Grey Unisex Robe, £55
  3. Noble Isle Summer Rising Shower Gel, £20
  4. Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Cameo, £22
  5. Laura Mercier Nude Tinted Moisturiser, £34
  6. White Company Limited Edition Christmas Candle, £50
  7. Row Pinto Dove Grey Rainbow Hot Water Bottle, £68
  8. Joules Fleur Flannel Pyjama Bottoms in Porcelain Horses Print, £29.95
  9. Joules Selma Pyjama Top, £19.95
  10. Concrete Ampersand Decoration by Kelly Connor Designs at NOTHS, £10.95
  11. Kate Garey Cosmetics Bag, £13.49

What’s on your list this year? How do you share your lists? I’d love to hear from you. Oh, and if you aren’t already, follow me on Pinterest to find new products as I discover them! :)

M xox

Melanie Kentish

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