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The Wedding Series: 5. Top Tips From Friends

Wedding / Dec 15, 2015 /

In the run up to our wedding, we were lucky enough to be given tips & advice from family and friends who had learned lots from their special days. We worked really hard to try to do as much as what they’d advised as possible and it really, REALLY paid off. I can’t emphasise what a difference these things made to our wedding:

  • Arrive early. If you’re planning on getting married outside of your home town, try to get to the location a couple of days early. The day before friends & family will descend upon you and you won’t get two seconds to yourself, so try and leave an extra day to spend some quality time together before the madness.
  • Pay up front. Pay for as much upfront as you can which will avoid you having to carry around cash all day to pay the DJ etc. Organise as much up front as possible leaving you to relax and enjoy on the day.
  • Eat. Make sure that you have a big breakfast. It’s likely that you won’t be eating until late & whilst you won’t be hungry, with all of those bubbles to consume, it will help you keep everything together.
  • Stick together. We managed this really well. We worked our way around the room in the evening reception and then hit the dance floor. It certainly encouraged everyone up if they wanted to come and see us!
  • Take mental photographs. By looking around and taking everything in, we really found it helped to slow the day down. We’d nudge each other & blink to signal to take note when one of us had spotted something really special.
  • Escape. I was really against staged photos, but we took 30 minutes out after the ceremony to get some snaps done which gave us some alone time to take in the enormity of everything that had just happened.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. You will know all of the tiny details that you have organised and some times sh*t happens and stuff doesn’t go to plan. Just let it go. The likelihood is that nobody will notice and you don’t want the memory of your day being you getting wound up.
  • Delegate. Try and delegate as many of the responsibilities for the day as possible. We found it helpful to connect all of the groomsmen & bridesmaids on Whatsapp so that they could figure stuff out between themselves without having to worry us.
  • Be in control. This is your day so don’t be dictated to. If the venue want you to hurry up and cut your cake or your photographer’s taking too long – don’t be afraid to tell them. It’s the one time that things really are on your terms.
  • Consumate. Seriously. Everyone tells you that you won’t get a chance as you’ll be so tired by the time you get to bed. Be creative and sneak away! (… ahem, of course, we didn’t do this Mum!).
  • Drink water. We actually found it impossible to get drunk thanks to the adrenaline, but it was one of my biggest worries especially as I completely lose my memory after a couple. Drink plenty of water at the wedding breakfast and you should be fine.
  • Don’t worry about the dress. Seriously. I know that it’s beautiful & probably the most expensive dress that you’re ever going to own but realistically you’re never going to wear it again. Wear it, love it, enjoy it. Don’t let making sure nobody is standing on it take away from the fun that could be had dancing like a loon in front of the band.
  • Put each other first. At the end of the night, it’s easy to get swept up in late night drinking with your friends, but it’s nicer to escape to have some reflection time together. We took a bottle of champagne and Spotify on our iPad up to a private terrace to take some time out to reflect on the day. It’s probably one of the best decisions that we made and one of my fondest memories of the day.

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If you’re already married, are there any tips or advice that you would give?

As always, thanks for being awesome. M xox