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Gro to sleep my baby…

Uncategorized / Aug 1, 2018 /

Therefore, as I’m sure you can imagine, we’ve tried most things – later nights, earlier nights, no naps, longer naps…. to no avail. As a result, when we were contacted by the Gro Company to try their signature products, I literally snapped their hands off at the offer.

The product I was most excited about was the Gro Clock. It’s a firm favourite amongst many of my friends and so I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Bells is just getting to the age where she can now understand the concept that she was to wait for the stars to disappear and for the yellow sunshine to appear before she’s allowed out of bed. It also comes with a cute story about ‘Percy Pig’ who learns to stay in bed until the sunshine which has now become a regular read for Bells each night.

In honesty, Bells is yet to wait for the sunshine, but I think as she develops and grows a better understanding, it should have a much bigger impact and until then, it’s a fun new part of our routine.

Next up is the Gro Anywhere Blind. I love summer for the light late into the evenings and waking to the sun already being up – but it’s not so great when you have a baby and toddler to contend with. The Gro Blind is awesome in that you can easily adjust the size and attach it to any window using sucker pads. Whilst we use it at home, it’s also the first thing that gets taken with us when we’re travelling – great when you don’t know what the curtain situ will be like in the hotel you’re staying in, or even if you’re staying with friends (othing like making yourself at home!).

Lastly, the Gro to Bed has been a revelation. Since Bells has moved to her bed, we’ve taken her out of sleep sacks and more often than not, I’ll wake in the night and check on her to find her completely uncovered with the pillow missing. The Gro to Bed is genius bedding where the pillow case is attached to the bottom fitted sheet which means it’s not going anywhere. Add to the mix a duvet cover which you can also zip to the bottom sheet on cooler nights – creating one massive sleep sack, perfect.

Whilst there’s nothing that I can do about Bells internal clock – she’s an early riser – we’ve given ourselves the best possible chance of sleep.

Thanks to the Gro Company for coming to the rescue, we’re firm fans of the brand.

M xox


NB: whilst these products were gifted, I wouldn’t write about them unless I liked them. I turn down more opportunities to review products than I ever accept!