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Twinning is winning with ChattyFeet

FashionParenting / May 9, 2017 /

You may have noticed by now that I am somewhat of a fan of twinning (who isn’t, right?) but what you may not know is that I’ve also got a bit of an obsession with socks, bright ones, silly ones, the more outrageous the better.

My favourite thing to do is to pair them with a really sensible outfit, under my Louboutin boots so that nobody knows I’m secretly a child, apart from me… that is until you’re asked to remove your shoes at Airport Security and you can see people quietly amused. Gotta love a shock factor.

You can therefore imagine how happy I was when I discovered ChattyFeet and found that they did parent & sock sets….. ALL DREAMS COME TRUE.


They’ve got 12 different funny designs, my favourites were Kate Middle-Toe (see what they did there), Vincent Van Toe and these gorgeous Yoko Mono ones.


Bells seemed to love dressing the same as her Mama although her obsession with her feet has now gone into overdrive. I’m happy to report that this hasn’t happened to me.



If you fancy getting in on the action, you can pick them up for £11.50 for the set over at www.ChattyFeet.com. … although I kind of want to keep them as my very own secret.

M xox

NB: The socks were kindly sent to me from ChattyFeet. How lucky am I? Thanks guys!