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Day two in New York – awake and with a spring in my step ready to explore the city – you’d think wouldn’t you? Yeah, um, it didn’t quite go like that. Fran had work to go to (she’s got an awesome job) and I had plenty to be getting on with and so I spent the morning in the apartment.

Later that day with work done, we ventured out to get some fresh air, taking in the sights as we strolled through East Village to Union Square. We managed to casually find ourselves walking in to the middle of a film set. A little slow on the uptake, one of the runners, quickly ushered us off before the camera came speeding our way.


As we walked our way along the streets, we came across New York’s original dog park – which was packed with pooches and their proud owners. It’s something that I’d not seen in any other city before but given the New Yorkers love of their dogs and the limited apartment space that most have, it makes total sense. There was a pen for the smaller dogs and a separate for the “fully grown ones”. We cheekily sat ourselves in the park on one of the benches where I couldn’t help but snap some of the gorgeous hounds – fair to say I got a few odd looks, particularly as I didn’t have a dog of my own. We made a swift exit.

nyc1-6nyc1-7We found ourselves walking along the river in glorious sunshine – something I wish I’d appreciated more if I’d known how cold it was going to get within 24 hours! We finally made our way back home before changing and heading out for yet more sushi at Edo Sushi. The food there was really reasonable and we found that they also do delivery – which was to become our staple for the rest of my stay!

nyc1-8 nyc1-9 nyc1-10 nyc1-11On our way back, we decided to stop off at the W Hotel for a glass of wine – determined to keep ourselves fresh for a big day of exploring on the Saturday. Normally a fan of the W, I was really disappointed when after 20 minutes we still hadn’t been served. After getting up and leaving, I’m so pleased that we did. We came across Casa Mono which is split into the restaurant and the wine bar. We took a seat in the wine bar where they were also serving up cheeses and amazing breads and cold meats. The smell of the food was amazing.


One glass of wine lasted us 3 hours as we busily chatted the evening away before heading home for a respectably early evening. It was so nice to find some little gems on the doorstep of Fran’s apartment and even more special to be able to discover them together.

Another day had flown by… far too quickly.

To be continued….

Melanie Kentish

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