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Bedruthan Hotel & Spa; Designed for kids, enjoyed by adults: REVIEW

29/11/2017 Comments Off on Bedruthan Hotel & Spa; Designed for kids, enjoyed by adults: REVIEW

Growing up as a little girl in Bristol, many of my summers were spent in Cornwall. Cornish ice-creams on the beach, fish & chips stolen by naughty seagulls and sunsets that needed no filters, it’s a place that will always hold a special place in my heart.

Therefore, when I was contacted by the lovely team at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa inviting me to experience their Time Out Toddler Break Package as an opportunity to recharge our batteries before the Christmas season, I didn’t need to be asked twice.


The hotel is situated on a clifftop overlooking Mawgan Pawth bay on the North coast of Cornwall. Nestled between Padstow and Newquay, there’s plenty on offer in the local towns not to mention the famous Bedruthan Steps.


Being situated on the Cornish coast, it goes without saying that the hotel has a laid back atmosphere but it manages to combine this beautifully with plenty of vibrant art and Scandi influenced interiors to keep it feeling young. Add some incredible views into the mix and you’ve pretty much summed up this little pocket of paradise.

There’s a definite air of bustle to the hotel too. We visited the weekend that they had their Christmas Fair and so it was busier than usual, but with so many young families and minis running around, you can tell that there’s always a nice buzz about the place. It was amazing to let Bells run around the corridors and communal areas without feeling like all eyes were upon us, she was in good company.



We were given one of their Villas which opened up directly onto the hotel’s grounds with patio doors offering uninterrupted views of Mawgan Porth. The Villa consisted of two bedrooms, one containing a double bed (the adult space) and another for the kids. It easily housed a single bed and a bunk bed as well as a cot for Bells and still had plenty of room to spare (Bells can testify to this as she excitedly ran around flapping her arms like a seagull, much to Dickie’s horror). Each of the bedrooms had an en-suite, the master contained a shower over the bath (a god send with Bells) whilst the kids bedroom had a shower.


The children’s room had plenty of independent lighting throughout the room located above each of the beds meaning that they can control their own lighting if they’re old enough and if they’re little like Bells, there’s an awesome night light which radiates a lovely reassuring glow. It’s the first hotel I’ve stayed in where we haven’t had to leave a bathroom light on for her. Needless to say, it was much easier to settle her when she woke in the night.



The hotel benefits from two restaurants and also offers an extensive in-room dining menu. The Wild Café is the main restaurant for most meals and plays host to the Children’s Supper Club, all of which is included within the Toddler Time Out Package (with the exception of lunch).

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The Children’s Supper Club takes place between 4.30pm-6.00pm and offers a children’s cooked menu as well as a hot & cold buffet, crudités & dips, yogurts, fruit salads, juices and milk. I’ve never seen Bells enjoy a meal so much as she happily munched away on the food staring at the other children (you’ve got to love it when they copy a good eater!).


The Herring on the other hand is a much more civilised affair and you’ll be treated to an upgrade here for one night as part of the package. It’s a quiet and intimate dining affair with lots of local fresh produce on the menu and so we chose to have our date night here having put Bells to bed on the second night. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as much and it was truly scrumptious, a real treat.


Where do I begin? I’ve genuinely never stayed in a hotel designed for kids that adults can enjoy too and this is the only way that I can describe Bedruthan Hotel & Spa. Family fun is at the heart of the hotel and they go out of their way to ensure the littles have fun meaning the grown ups can truly relax.

We stumbled upon Jungle Tumble which is quite possibly one of the best soft plays that I’ve ever been in, let alone it being within a hotel. Bells was in her element and so were we when we discovered they had plenty of comfy seating for the adults and allowed you to bring drinks in from the bar next door. WINNING.


There are lots of activity clubs to keep your monkeys occupied, regardless of their age. The package includes 4 hours of free childcare for each day that you stay and so we made the most of the Baby Bees Club. I wasn’t sure how Bells would take to it but with a ratio of 1 carer to 3 babies (as recommended by OFSTED), I knew she was in good hands. As soon as she walked into the room and laid eyes on all of the toys that they had for her to play with, she quickly turned, blew a kiss and waved goodbye. I guess she didn’t need us after all.

Overwhelmed by all of the excitement, we found her asleep in a cot when we went to collect her and having finished her nap… she was off again… With the weather dry, we headed outside to discover assault courses (much to Dickie’s delight), the playground with pirate ship (oooooh argh!), trampoline and pools. It’s fair to say she slept well that night.



With a busy work schedule, finding time for a date night has been near impossible and so without realising, we’d gone a whole 7 months without any decent quality time together. We’d been told about the hotels in-room baby listening service and were a bit nervous about leaving Bells alone in the room. However, having got chatting to some of the other parents, our minds were put at ease.

The listening service, once activated, notifies a dedicated member of staff as soon as anything more than a murmur is detected. They listen in to ensure your little person is OK and if they hear any kind of crying, they notify you by messaging the pager that you are supplied with. What’s more, the service is connected to an alarm system so that you know your Mini is safe.

On our second evening at the hotel, we took Bells for an early dinner at the Children’s Supper Club before settling her to bed. We crept out of the room feeling all very naughty and made our way to The Herring restaurant where we enjoyed some uninterrupted time together over delicious food and wine (or diet coke in my case!). Whilst we spoke about her most of the night, it felt so special to have some time to ourselves knowing that she was safe and only moments from where we were sitting if required.

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If you’re anything like us, there’s no such thing as packing lightly, especially with a toddler in tow. Thankfully, there was no need to pack the kitchen sink as the hotel provided everything. From baby backpacks, all-terrain pushchairs, sterilisers, cots, baby & toddler highchairs, not to mention bibs, toddler cutlery and table wear, there’s not a detail they hadn’t thought of making packing somewhat easier.


If required, the hotel offers washing machines and tumble driers which is great if your little one throws them into enjoying the outdoors park as much as Bells did… MUD EVERYHERE.


If you decide to make the most of the free childcare (uh hello!!!), included in the Toddler Time Out Package is an hour’s experience in the Sensory Spa Garden which is inspired by fire, earth, water, air and space. Indulge in thermal therapy fun with the garden’s heated stone room, open-air shower, barrel sauna, bucket shower, hot tub and scrub to really awaken the senses. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to try it this time around thanks to the little person that I’m baking, but I’ll be sure to give it a whirl the next time we’re back…. because as the Terminator says, we will be back.

Garden Spa 14Garden Spa-1


This is a bit of an odd one and not something that I would usually include in a post about a hotel. However, the people at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa are so special, it just seemed wrong not to give them a special mention. Whilst the hotel has amazing facilities, it’s really the people that set it apart.

On our first day there, spotting Bells running the corridor and on the verge of a meltdown (I thought they started at 2, what a fool!), one of the team decided to scoop her up and to start to radio her colleagues using her walkie talkie. She was explaining to Bells that there was a little person in her walkie talkie and Bells was transfixed. It was such a simple thing, but is a prime example of how the team at the hotel go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Not only that, but all of the parents are so relaxed because the kids are happy, they’re also super friendly. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to so many lovely people in such a short space of time.



If you’d asked me what time of year I’d visit Cornwall previously, I obviously would have told you summer. However, having visited out of season, it was really lovely to enjoy a much more relaxed pace, less crowds and to chill without the guilt that we should be out and doing stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that it would be wonderful to explore the amazing beaches near by if the weather was nicer but there was something really lovely about watching the harsh weather beat against the coast as we snuggled in the warmth. Apparently the summer months are incredibly busy and so I think I’d try and book out of season when we next visit as we really enjoyed it.


I found myself quite emotional (yet again!) as we were leaving, I really could have stayed longer. It struck home that we’d created some lovely memories that weekend and it will definitely become a place that Bells becomes familiar with as she grows older. We’re already planning our next trip, next time with baby in tow as there will be plenty to amuse Bells but also plenty of ways for us to relax with a newbie. Bedruthan has become our very own little sanctuary and I can’t wait to create more memories there.

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The Toddler Time Out Package starts from £825 on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis for 3 nights. As mentioned above, there’s a whole raft of other stuff thrown into the package too so be sure to check out more details here.

Thanks to the Bedruthan team for taking such good care of us, we’re beyond grateful for the memories you helped us to create.

M xox

NB: Please note that we were given a complementary stay at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa. However, all of the views above are completely my own and I wouldn’t write about it unless I really loved it… but they gave us our first date in 7 months. That makes them pretty awesome, right?

P.S. Check out how cute their Christmas Fair was!

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