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Anybody that follows me on social will know what an obsession that I have with candles. Candles and cushions, you can never have too many of them right? You’re also likely to know how in love I am with my hometown of Windsor. You can therefore imagine my delight when I discovered a luxury candlemaker producing little gems of scents on my very own stomping ground.

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The team at Heir and Grace kindly sent me one of their Citrus and Jasmine candles which smells just divine and is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. The lovely light fragrance reminds you perfectly of the typical English country garden and works perfectly with our cottage.


There’s something really special about knowing that you’re buying locally and that so much love and care goes into each of their products. They use some of the finest waxes, Artisan fragrance oils and hand selected ring-spun cotton wicks to produce perfect candles which are then cured for a week to allow the oils to infuse before being heat-flashed twice over a three day period to ensure they’re perfectly presented.


You can check out their full range of candles here. Available for a limited period are their beautiful Charlotte candles which were produced to mark the birth of Princess Charlotte (collective aaaaaah please). Only 100 have been produced, so you really are experiencing something special. The candles retail at £40.

Now where did I leave my matches?


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