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Dickie and I decided to make the most of the few days of summer that we experienced recently by hiring a boat from Kris Cruisers in Datchet and sailing along the Thames for the day.

Having investigated, there are very few lidos in the Berkshire area and so we decided that a boat was the way forwards. We hired a little 6 person boat which would comfortably have taken 4 for just over £100 for the whole day (from 9am until 5.30pm) and set sail through Windsor, Bray and Maidenhead.


Whilst Dickie would have been quite content charging through as many locks as possible in a day (think James Bond with a scooter rather than an Aston Martin) I was much happier to take things at a slower pace, drink in hand of course.


Things went slightly awry when I decided that it would make perfect sense to take a little detour down one of the openings to the river. You’ll see from the pictures below that it didn’t take a genius to establish that things weren’t going to end well and it took only a matter of minutes before we’d run aground.


Dickie got the chance to prove his survival skills by hopping into the river (albeit shallow, thus running aground in the first place) although he refuses to this day to admit that he found it funny. I know he did – deep deep down.

Back on the open waters, we moored after a few hours to devour the picnic that we’d packed for at least 10 grown men before stopping off at The Oakley Court Hotel for Pimms, which was just lovely.


It was the first time that I’d been to the hotel and is somewhere that I’m definitely planning to revisit – hopefully next time for a spot of lunch in their lovely outdoor area.


It was such a lovely way to spend a sunny day and I’d recommend it to anyone. Now what happened to that sunshine?

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