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I have to admit that this is a bit of an ironic post coming from me – I am the stress fiend of all stress fiends. I actually buzz when I’m up against it, running around at a million miles an hour. But with time, I’m learning that there’s only so much of that which you can do before burn out sets in. When that happens, you’re no used to anybody – you’re constantly sick, looking tired and ratty with the people closest to you. It’s no fun.

With my job, I’m online 24/7. It’s a hobby that I’ve made into a living and therefore it’s very hard to switch off…. you constantly live in fear of missing out (or FOMO as the cool kids say) and there’s always more that could be done. I have started to make some conscious effort however to ensure that I’m left with a little hair, a few less wrinkles and a better mood before my wedding. Here’s what I’m trying:-

1. Leave work in the office

Easier said than done and something that I still have much more work to do – having a dedicated space in which you work, that you can step away from at the end of the day really helps. If you’re working in the same space that you’re living, try and clear your books away so that they aren’t staring at you, reminding you of all of the things you’ve left to finish.

2. Use online to-do tools

This has been a game changer for me. The ability to write things down that I need to remember and schedule where required means that I free up brain space to at least remember to buy groceries on the way home. Result. My favourite personally is TeuxDeux, although Wunderlist has completely changed the way my team works.

3. Take some you time

I’m awful for giving my face a quick once over before bed, but I’ve recently got into a skincare regime using Herbalife Skin. The very routine itself tells my body that its time to unwind and prepare for bed. Plus it’s good for your skin…. Obviously.

4. Put your phone on night mode

If you have an iPhone like me and you work internationally, the likelihood is that you’ll be getting emails all through the night. There’s nothing worse than the sound of the ping to remind you of how busy you’re going to be tomorrow to fill your tummy with dread. Turn off notifications and get a good night’s sleep – tackling everything with a fresh head in the morning.

5. Look after your insides as well as your exterior

I’m a recent convert to tea, most recently to Dragonfly Tea (you can see my review here). Not only is tea an amazing anti-oxidant, it gives you a pause in your day to take a sip and unwind. I love their Emerald Mountain Organic White Tea which tastes yummy and isn’t over-powering.

6. Make time for friends

It’s so easy with so much going on to neglect your social life. But what is good for the soul is good for you and will improve your own performance. I definitely need to get better at this.

7. Go for a walk

The fresh air and endorphins are guaranteed to leave you feeling better about yourself and to regulate your adrenaline. The exercise also won’t do any harm ahead of bikini season!

8. Eat well

I’m awful for this. When I’m stressed, the last thing that I want to do is eat and before you know it, your weight is plummeting. I now make an effort to eat meals cooked from scratch, using only organic and wholesome ingredients – eradicating carbs and all of the horrible toxicants that leave you feeling sluggish. I also now really enjoy the process of cooking – of creating something made with love for the people around you. Probably my favourite way to relax.

I’d love to hear any tips and advice that you have and experiences that you’ve found have helped you along the way… So be shy, leave a comment.

Much Thursday love.

M xox

Melanie Kentish

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