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32 Week pregnancy update

07/04/2016 Comments Off on 32 Week pregnancy update

I promised myself to document regular updates throughout the pregnancy… and well, that just hasn’t happened, sorry! I can’t believe that it’s already 6 weeks since my last update. And to think those first 12 weeks DRAGGED!

BABY: Since the last update, things have been super stressful. My 28 week check-up with the Midwife indicated that the baby was small which led to growth scans and being taken under Consultant Care as opposed to Midwife care, which had been awesome up until now. The scans seem to show that she’s perfectly healthy, just very little and so for now, I’m being told to put my feet up and increase my calories. Both of which are taking some adjusting to, but her wellbeing comes first. Our next scan isn’t until next week to see how much she’s grown and it just seems to be taking an eternity.

SYMPTOMS: I’ve still been super sick which is stressing me out, especially knowing that the little lady is small. However, for now, I’m trying to eat smaller size portions in the hope that they actually stay in. Other than that, I’m still totally mobile and well… I guess because bump is smaller than you might expect for this stage…

BUMP: Bump is growing but still smaller than you’d expect at this stage. I guess because I know that she’s little, I’ve become super defensive whenever somebody comments on how small I still am… I haven’t gained any weight in the last 6 weeks which is really bothering me (strange to be coming from me, I know) as I can’t help but feel that I’m failing her in some way.

MOVEMENT: Baby is still breech which means it can be quite “interesting” when she’s got a tough little kick. She might be small, but she’s definitely mighty. You can currently set your clock by her kicking at 10pm… oh and she’s taken to playing the poke-poke game with Dickie. He touches my tummy and she boots him back… I think it’s the start of things to come.

SLEEP: I’m still battling a star-fishing husband and a pregnancy pillow-obsessed cat. I’m hoping now that I’m on maternity leave that I can start taking some daytime naps as I definitely don’t seem to be getting much sleep at night.

CRAVINGS: Watermelon, strawberries and salad. All of which are frowned upon by my consultant as empty calories, but I’m obsessed.

STRETCH MARKS: I hate answering this part as I’m convinced they’re going to appear overnight but fingers crossed, still nothing…

MOOD: I love being pregnant now. I’ve gone from wanting the pregnancy over (right at the beginning) to being sad at the prospect of not feeling all of the kicks all of the time. Oh… and I guess a bit panicked at the fact that the labour part isn’t far away.

BELLY BUTTON: Still in. Woo!

WEDDING RING: Still loose…

I can’t believe that there’s only 8 weeks to go!

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