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26 Week pregnancy update

22/02/2016 2 Comments

I’ve had lots of you lovely bunch asking me how the pregnancy is going and so as I hurtle towards my third trimester far too quickly, I thought that I should give you all an update.

BABY: Baby is doing really well. Heartbeat is super strong – they always seem to find it immediately even though they tell you not to panic if they can’t find it) and she’s the correct size for this stage, which is a massive relief.

GENDER: Yes, you read correctly, it’s a SHE! We had a private scan at 16 weeks where they told us to expect blue, only to be told the opposite at our 20 week anomaly scan. She was lying there not leaving too much to the imagination, so there’s no question, but I’m hoping she learns some more dignity when she’s born. It also meant returning quite a few clothes, red faced and awkward that weekend. All good fun though.

SYMPTOMS: I’ve been doing fine although I’ve been diagnosed with Hypermesis which is the same thing that Kate Middleton had! I think that means I’m practically royalty, although the Doctor didn’t seem to agree. Rude.

BUMP: Bump is now well and truly on display, there’s no disguising it no matter how hard I try. She’s now moved up under my ribs which has been interesting as the kicks are now much firmer too! I think at this stage I’m meant to have gained 16-20lbs, so far it’s been about 14lbs but I think that’s because of the sickness, so it’s definitely all bump & baby.

MOVEMENT: Weird as though it sounds, she’s already got a proper little personality – with definite music tastes! One of her favourite songs appears to Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. She also kicks like crazy when Dickie is talking. I’m pretty sure she’s aiming for him when he’s doing it, but that’s another story.

SLEEP: Sleep is becoming more sparse as I’m becoming more uncomfortable & if I roll onto my back, I certainly know about it in the morning. That said, having a snoring husband one side and cat determined to steal my pregnancy cushion on the other is enough for the heaviest of sleepers to contend with.

CRAVINGS: McDonalds (the irony of this is not lost on me) or salad. I cave to the salad craving a WHOLE LOT MORE than the McDonalds one!

STRETCHMARKS: Touch wood, cross fingers, salute a magpie – I don’t have any yet. I’ve been using Mama Mio religiously all over my bump, boobs and bum. I’m going through the stuff at a rate of knots but every night I’m convinced is going to be the night where they suddenly appear.

MOOD: I’m really loving pregnancy now. I didn’t think I’d get to the point where I said that. Of course, there are still days where I feel uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror, but now that it’s definitely bump not pies, I’m much better.

BELLY BUTTON: Still very much in but looking like it’s on it’s way out!!! Argh.

WEDDING RING: On and loose. Thankfully no swelling in my hands or feet so far!

Next month sees the start of NCT classes and hypnobirthing. Everything is starting to feel incredibly real ?

Melanie Kentish

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  1. the style crusader


    Ah, super exciting! Speaking of swollen fingers – mine have been totally fine until this weekend when we went on a two hour hike and it was SUPER hot. They looked like proper little sausages. Not fun.

    Hope you’re feeling well.


    • Melanie Kentish


      Haha, in fairness I haven’t put it to the test by hiking! I’ve been incredibly lazy! Hope that you’re well gorgeous, you’re looking amazing! xx

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