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Lemonade from Barnyard in London

This week has been the kind of week that leaves you exhausted but smiling from ear to ear from all of the lovely experiences that you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy. As part of a regular feature that I’m introducing (it’s nice to look back and reflect), here’s 10 things that made me happy this week:-

1. An Evening with Michael Parkinson. Held in Windsor as part of the Windsor Festival, it was one of the best night’s that I’ve ever had. His anecdotes of so many of the Hollywood Stars that he’s interviewed along with a spontaneous sing song made it such a special evening.

2. My first homemade lemonade from Barnyard on Charlotte Street in London. Deeeeeeeelish. As you can see above, I hated it.

3. Getting my hair blow dried with champagne in Chelsea at the launch of Duck and Dry. I never want to wash my own hair again. There will be a full post about it coming very soon – keep your eyes pealed.

4. Making plans for our upcoming trip to Vietnam in November.

5. Getting a copy of the Photo Idea Book by A Beautiful Mess. My obsession continues.

6. Gorgeous sushi from my favourite local Japanese restaurant, Misugo. Tastes WAY better than the website or restaurant looks.

7. Making a mean homemade chilli with locally sourced chilli jam from the local farmer’s market.

8. A new 50mm 1.4 fixed lens for my camera. Sh*t just got real.

9. The unexpected late summer sunshine leading to Prosecco afternoons by the reaver in fear that it could be the last time for a few months.

10. Getting a Save The Date card from my gorgeous friend Tee for her wedding in Oxford next December. It’s going to be fancy. Eeeek.

Melanie Kentish

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