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10 Things My Baby Prefers To Her Toys

06/03/2017 Comments Off on 10 Things My Baby Prefers To Her Toys

I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve strolled through a toy department only for Bells to grab a toy without me noticing before sucking on the tag so hard that I have no choice but to present the toy to the cashier for her to scan the soggy barcode. At that moment in time, it’s the best toy she’s ever seen, she’s in love with it, we’ve finally cracked the toy she loves I always think.


I get home and there are so many more interesting things that she would rather play with than her toys, toys are for babies after all πŸ™„.

Here’s what’s top of her

My nose πŸ‘ƒΒ – I like to think I don’t have a massive conk, but that doesn’t stop her fascination with putting her fingers right up there, hooking her little nails in as she goes. Fun.

PhoneΒ πŸ“±- I swear this will be the thing that gets her crawling. If there’s a flash of light from the screen, she’s on it…. much to my despair when you’re Insta stalking and she goes liking pictures πŸ™ˆ.

Her socks πŸ‘£Β –Β This is a particularly great one when she’s sat in her highchair and her hands are covered with food. If the socks can be yanked off and placed in her mouth, even better.

Baby wipes πŸ‘ΆΒ – At first I thought that this would Β be a helpful one when it came to changing time, however having to battle a baby with the strongest grip in town is proving to be difficult.

Keys πŸ”‘Β – They have to be real keys. Plastic keys that beep like a car don’t fool anyone, especially a baby. Licking of the keys is always a favoured activity.

My Eyelashes πŸ‘€ – One at a time, yanked out with her little pincers.Β It’s not the pain that I mind, it’s theΒ Β£5Β she pulls out with each lash she removes. Expensive little blighter.

Β The fridge door πŸ‰Β – If the highchair is placed within arms distance of the fridge, all activity will stop whilst she tries everything in her power to open it. Goodness knows why because when it’s open, she has no interest in eating ANYTHING in it.

Magazines πŸ“šΒ -Having been told that it doesn’t matter what you read to your baby, it’s the sound of your voice that they like, I decided to be crafty and to enjoy a magazine for the first time in a year… that was until Bells discovered how fun it was to tear the pages out. Sorry Tatler.

Hair Straighteners πŸ’πŸ»Β – Because, you know, hot things are so fun, right?

My Boobs 🍳🍳 – Preferably when we’re in public and as if it’s no biggie, she does it all of the time. I swear this is not normal activity.

Does your little munchkin have a favourite play thing? Something you’d rather they didn’t love? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment :)

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