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10 Ridiculous reasons my toddler had a tantrum this week

19/12/2017 Comments Off on 10 Ridiculous reasons my toddler had a tantrum this week

I remember it vividly. It was about 2 years ago… I was pregnant with Bells and I was standing in the queue at Boots (no doubt for yet more pregnancy vitamins). The lady behind me was having a battle with her toddler and where the pre-pregnant me would have probably tutted and turned away, the new broody me just smiled and said “terrible 2s?”…. “how did you guess?” she responded.

You see, people expect 2 year olds to have tantrums… but nobody warned me that the onset of this is WAY before 2 years of age. Case in point? Bells.

I find myself constantly battling with my own emotions, from frustration, to sympathy and to many times despair. I want to teach her that tantrums won’t get her anywhere and yet I know that she simply doesn’t understand her own emotions at this point. HOWEVER, this does not stop her from sometimes being a bit of a dick. The reasons for this week’s tantrums include:

  1. Her offering me her dummy and me taking it
  2. Putting her to bed because she couldn’t stay awake
  3. Offering her the clear dummy when she wanted the pink one
  4. The cat running away after she’d pulled his tail for the 9th time
  5. Not offering her my WHOLE bar of chocolate
  6. Covering her up with the duvet
  7. Me putting her down when she pointed to the floor to get down
  8. Stroking her head
  9. Offering her a grape
  10. Wrapping her in a towel without leaving her arms exposed

I think it’s safe to assume that toddlers are more of a walking contradiction than myself… and that really is saying something.

What are the reasons for your toddler’s tantrums this week?

M xox

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