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That time Bells/I was sent a Princess Party Pack…

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In the lead up to Bells first birthday party, it struck me that I had no idea how kids parties work… I mean, I’m the first of my friends to have a baby and things have moved on somewhat since I was a little girl. Although, I should add that I’m not THAT old, promise.

Therefore, when I was contacted by the lovely folks from Disney Hallmark at Tesco offering to send us a Disney Princess Pack to celebrate their collaboration, I honestly nearly kissed the ground. Talk about good timing.


A few days later, the pack arrived and I’m not quite sure who was more excited, Bells or I. It contained everything that any princess could possibly need for a party; from plates and napkins right through to tiaras, wands, glitter pens, crafts and of course the all important cards that we were to go on to use as invitations. Perfectamondo. You can watch our unboxing here:

The pack was themed around Beauty & The Beast following their recent launch…. it’s literally my favourite children’s story of all time and so to say that I struggled to contain my excitement is an understatement.

FullSizeRender 26

As you’ll know if you’ve subscribed to my YouTube channel, I’m really keen to capture our special moments for Bells to look back on when she’s older. I know that she’s too small to remember much for now but with it being her first birthday, I wanted a keepsake that she’ll be able to read when she’s older. Therefore I used one of the princess cards to write to her. I’m going to keep it as part of a time capsule and hopefully present it back to her when she’s 18.


In honesty, Bells is probably a bit too young to have fully appreciated the Kit, but her older cousin simply couldn’t contain her excitement. A week later and she’s still insisting on being called a princess and quite frankly, I don’t blame her.


The cards are truly magical and would be treasured by any little girl. I’m half tempted to frame them for her room! You can check out the full range here.


Also worth mentioning is that if your little one is interested in winning themselves and a friend a dress of their dreams (who wouldn’t want that?!?), Tesco are running a competition now that might be right up your street. It’s super easy to enter, just purchase any Disney card from a participating Tesco store, pick up a leaflet, create your design on the leaflet and send your entry to princessdress@hallmark.com. The closing date for entries is 21st May 2017, so don’t hang around!

Now, where did I leave my wand?

M xox

NB: This post was a collaboration and the pack had been supplied to us courtesy of Hallmark Disney at Tesco. I’m super grateful for the pack and would never write about something unless I truly liked it. Everything you read is authentic.

The realities of being married to a pilot…

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Bells turnsone (1)

Everybody assumes that being married to a pilot must mean a glamorous jet set lifestyle. If being woken up at 3am for your husband to leave for work falls into that camp, then I wholeheartedly agree… otherwise maybe not.

This week has been an exceptionally hard one with Bells being inconsolable due to yet another nursery illness. Poor Dickie’s been working really long hours and by the time he’s arrived home, I’ve been either ready for gin or bed…. sometimes both.

The video for this week compares our day….

With so many awful things going on right now and with my mind constantly going back to the poor victims of the London fire, I am so grateful for our life, I know that there are so many more people much worse off than us. I hope that you take this video in the spirit in which it was intended.

… and yes, Dickie actually told me that “every day is a Saturday for me”. Shockingly, we’re still married 🙈😂.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there, keep doing an awesome job.

M xox

Well today could be classed as a failure…

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Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 21.03.02

What a shit shambles of a day.

It’s funny isn’t it, how our social media channels often do reflect our own lives but with a shiny, glossy filter to make it look all that much more appealing… and I for one am certainly guilty of that. But the truth is, that if I captured days like to day and posted them to Instagram, my feed would look, well, a bit shit.

Today is certainly a day that I don’t wish to record, for old times sakes. Bells has had a temperature following YET ANOTHER nursery cold which has now lasted 6 days. I waited, knowing that there was no point in being told by the doctor that it was a virus which would pass, but after 5 nights of very little sleep and a very cranky baby, I finally took her today. The poor little blighter has another ear infection and so starts another week’s worth of antibiotics, half of which will be spat out and then I’ll have to guess how much more I should give her.

Everything seems so much tougher on such little sleep. Dickie has been working long-shifts and so morning to night has been spent trying to comfort/cuddle/remain patient/not resort to drink. When he sent a text asking how things had been today, I simply sent back “😁🔫”. I think he got the picture.

Following the outing to the doctors, I decided to take her as planned to Odds Farm with my friend in the hope that it would distract her…. which worked until she decided that she didn’t want any animals or children looking at her/talking to her/playing with her – which is pretty hard when you’re at a children’s petting farm. It wasn’t her finest hour.

All food has been rejected – every single 12 of the courses offered at all 3 sittings and even our fail safe watermelon. When watermelon doesn’t bring her around, I tend to break into a cold sweat as that’s me done, I have nothing else to offer. Even ice-cream didn’t cut it…

I breathed a sigh of relief when she went to bed tonight. I feel awful for saying that because the days/weeks/months go so quickly and I hate wishing time away. But sometimes bedtime is just such an appealing hour…. and there it is, mum guilt.

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I remember them placing Bells in my arms. I remember looking at her in disbelief as she gripped my finger. I remember the first night where she slept like an angel and I didn’t sleep a wink as I watched her intently. I remember being so tired that I’d fall asleep as people spoke to me. I remember our first night home, passing her from one to another in the hope that she’d sleep with not a clue what to do.

I remember her first jabs and the feeling that I’d do anything to take the jabs for her so that she wouldn’t have to go through it. I remember our first weekend away with her and realising holidays would never be the same again. I remember her first giggle and the tears that stung my eyes. I remember lying on the grass with such feelings of contentment as she belly laughed at the trees above her.

I remember the realisation that I needed to be a better person, to be strong, to be a Mama. I remember her babbling “dadda” for the first time and thinking that she was a child genius. I remember her clutching on to me as I had to tear myself away in tears as I left her at nursery for the first time. I remember the determination in her eye as she crawled for the first time and the smug look of satisfaction after she achieved it.

I remember all of these things and more. These memories will be forever ingrained in my heart and whilst I feel sadness that those days will never be experienced again, I am excited for the adventures that we are yet to experience.

What this video lacks in finesse, it makes up for in love. It will always be my favourite video.

M xox

Emotions Run High | Weekly VLOG

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It’s been a big week but also a long week, filled with lots of friends, laughter and good times. It was this week that Bells turned one and I can’t quite believe how emotional I found that.

I’m going to be posting a separate video about her birthday as in our little world, it’s a big deal, but here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

I hope that you’re enjoying the new channel and if you are, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already to get notifications of when the new videos go live. You know you want to 😉

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback about the first few vlogs, I hope that you’ve had an awesome week too.

Big love,

M xox